Friday, May 04, 2018

I think I was forgiven

We received a card this week through the mail from the Red Barn Veterinarian Clinic. It said it was time for Caillou's annual checkup. He was not excited about the checkup. It's not the checkup so much as it's riding in the truck. He hates it.

Each time he has to ride, he lays his head in my laps and pants...and drools. I put him on a leash but that's not necessary. He minds better than most children.

When I take him inside the clinic, there are often other critters in the waiting room. He's a friendly dog and wants to be loved by all. Other critters don't share that Kumbaya spirit as much as he does so the leash is a good idea.

When the vet tech called us back, Caillou knew where to go. He stepped into the exam room. When they asked to get his weight, I stood and he walked by my side. I pointed to the scales and he stepped up on them and stood. The vet tech said, "We need to see more collies in here."

He weighed 84 pounds which is not as much as I thought, but then he's all hair. He stood like a trooper as they checked his ears, his teeth, and everything else.  The vet petted Caillou and gave him a few shots.

When we walked out, I snapped the leash off his collar and pointed to the truck. When I opened the door, he bounded into the front seat and looked at me as if to say, "Let's go home pop. I'm over this place.

On the way home, I pulled into a store and picked up a giant Slim Jim. During the rest of the drive, I'd bite off a bit of Slim Jim and give it to Caillou. I think I was forgiven.

Next week I'll take him to the groomers and get him groomed. He'll get a summer cut which should make his life much easier as the heat moves in.


  1. Caillou is one beautiful dog!

  2. Now that's a good dog!

  3. Such a good dog.
    Our cats loathe the vet. And the car trip. And can sometimes hold a grudge for a little while.

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Caillou at the vet's is better than a lot of people at the doctor's office!!

  5. Dear Rick, Caillou is a gorgeous dog. What a blessing he must be in your life as you are in his. The three cats with whom I live hiss and spit and fight and argue when I have to take them to the vet. They accuse me of betraying them. I'm glad you got the trip for Caillou and that he forgave you! Peace.


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