Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rust Lilly

Jilda had some physical therapy and some routine tests today. I wrote my column sitting in the waiting room.

I also completed two other long features for the paper today. All together it was almost 5,000 words. My head is a sponge tonight.

I had to look back in the archives for a picture I took last year of a lily. The rusty beauty was one her mother gave her back when Clinton was in the White House.


  1. I have heard about 'em Sponge heads. But the picture is beautiful.

  2. I hope you get a good night's sleep and wake up despongified.
    Love the lily.

  3. 5000 words. This is just a training run.


  4. Way to go! Praying all is well for Jilda! We are kind of neighbors! I am from Georgia. We go to Alabama all the time to go to the beach. We love Orange Beach!

  5. Hope all is well with Jilda. 5000 words...wowza! I hope you had a good sleep and a bright and cheery day today. The lily is vibrant in colour..I love it!

  6. I always feel like a sponge head! Haha . Beatiful flower!

  7. There is truly nothing like nature to clear your head. You were certainly on overload there with all that writing in one day. But at least it is done for now.

  8. How pretty! (I'd say 'beautiful' if it didn't remind me of Florida State, lol.)

  9. Anonymous2:45 PM

    The lily's colors are beautiful!!


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