Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Interesting stories

I was on the golf course by 7:30 this morning. I don't play golf, but there's an 87-year-old gentleman who plays three days a week. The interview with him was like talking to an old friend.

He was a railroad man for over 30 years and married to the same woman since Eisenhower was in the Whitehouse. The love of his life died in 2016 it's been hard since then. Golf helps.

He started getting a little antsy when the long hand approached 8 a.m. "The tourney starts at 8," he said. I wrapped up quickly and hustled outside to grab a picture before tee time. 

I'd thought of a photograph of him kneeling down and lining up a shot. When I asked if he could squat, he said, "Not so good." 

He put the ball in the grass, and I laid down on the ground with the ball in the foreground. The morning dew was still clinging to the grass. He said, "You'll get wet." I told him that it was a small price to pay for a decent picture. We both got a smile out of that. The picture did look good. I think the story will be a good one. 

When you ask people about their lives, many are quick to say that nothing is interesting about their lives. I think if you dig deep enough, everybody has an interesting story. 

I've spent most of the day on the screen porch with the ceiling fan whirring overhead. I knocked out a couple pieces and then went out in the backyard to get some steps. I needed several thousand to reach my daily goal.

It was almost dark when I finished. Sitting on the bench by the flowerbed, I drank water as I cooled off. Clouds to the south near the horizon were the color or orange sherbet. A jet plane heading into the sunset left a thread behind it. I figured it was too dark for a picture, but I took one anyhow.


  1. Not too dark at all. A lovely shot.
    And you are so right - both about people dismissing their own lives, and how interesting they are.

  2. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Can we see your golf picture?

  3. To be 87 and still playing golf is a wonderful thing. It is always better to keep busy when dealing with grief. Your evening photo is just beautiful.

  4. Like orange sherbet ... I LIKE that analogy!

  5. Is my life interesting, me thinks not but someone else may think it is and I get that

  6. When I was a newspaper reporter, I learned that everyone has a story.



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