Friday, May 11, 2018

Garden work

Our great nephew Jordan was here early this morning. Today was May Day at school and his mom let him skip since it wouldn't go against he attendance. 

He was still sleepy when he walked in. He always takes his sneakers off and puts them on the mantle. I taught him that when he was four-years-old. He'd visited us and lost his sneaker. I told him whenever he comes and takes his shoes off, to put them on the mantle. He's never forgotten and he always knows where his shoes are when it's time to leave. He also puts the other stuff he wants to take home with him on the mantle too. 

Today, Jilda gave him some space. We drank our coffee and let him wake at his own pace. 

Jilda started breakfast. One of his favorites is bacon and waffles so that was on the menu today.

After breakfast, I asked if he wanted to help plant the garden. He was thrilled. It took a while for me to till up the space, so he picked blueberries while I did the heavy work. After I finished, I stepped over and snapped a picture. 

He ate more blueberries than he took inside. That's OK. There's enough to go around. I snapped a picture for his mom.

We worked a few hours getting our plants in the ground before calling it a morning. I was whupped and so was he. 

It was a fun day.



  1. A perfect day to build memories on.

  2. Definitely a great day for both of you ! Nice to have help!

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Jordan is adorable!!


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