Thursday, May 17, 2018

Giving back

Jilda and I fund a scholarship for a high school senior graduating from our old high school. We started in the scholarship 2008, so this year was our 10th anniversary.

The young man that received our first scholarship went on to get his bachelor's degree in music and then to the New York Film Acadamy for his master's in acting. He is a remarkable young man that has made us and his community proud.

This year we had a stack of applications as thick as the Bible. We asked a few simple questions: What are your interests/ hobbies? What do you plan to study in college? What would you consider a dream job, and why? What does success mean to you and why?

We pay close attention to the last question because it's often telling.

The young lady below had an answer that resonated with Jilda and me, She talked about doing work and having an opportunity to give back to the community.

Her answer won her our scholarship.


  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Good for her (& you)!!

  2. Wonderful question and great answer. I wish her luck.

  3. Dear Rick, how generous of you and Jilda to do this. It's a blessing not only for the young person who's given the scholarship but for everyone whose life that person will ever touch. It's a legacy. Thank you for that and please let the recipient of this year's scholarship know that we are all pulling for her! I'll remember her in my prayers. Peace.

  4. What a wonderful thing to do for those graduating. Your question about success is a great one. Giving back is something that is very important. I've always lived under the belief that what we have much of we should share.

  5. What a great example of faith in the future!
    ... but a tough decision, no? I hope your runners-up will continue to pursue other opportunities to realize their dreams.

  6. Great thing you guys do. Yep I bet it is tough to make such a decision! I like the idea!


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