Saturday, May 26, 2018

Company's a-comin'

We have company coming tomorrow. It's mostly family and a few friends, but we still clean like the Pope is on the guest list.

Our deck furniture was still in the yard. We'd taken everything off to water seal the surface. We had every intention of repainting it before bringing it back onto the deck, but both Jilda and I have been slammed the last few weeks so the fresh coat of paint on the Adirondack chairs and the wrought iron table didn't happen. 

The next best thing to a fresh coat of paint is to spray it off with the pressure washer. I did that and it looks good.

Jordan helped us put all the furniture back on when here was here yesterday. Today, we spotified the house. My bathroom is now as clean as an operating room. Yaya, you can come and inspect it. 

We went to the big-box hardware store and garden center to buy some wood to fix the chicken pen. Rain clouds to the east and south looked as though they could sweep in at any moment and drench the truck. The lumber could get wet, but the plywood, not so much. 

Instead, we swung through the garden center and picked up some flowers for the deck. Back toward the back was a pot of jasmine. The plant was seven-feet tall and coated with white flowers. We were on a tight flower budget, but jasmine is a lifetime investment. If you care for it, it will come back and bloom year after year. I reached for my wallet and pulled out my mad money. That's the money I make writing my column and from playing music. I pulled a C-note from my wallet and bought the jasmine.  It smells like heaven on a vine.

Tonight will be an early night. We both feel as though we did a marathon walking on our hands.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Oh how I would love to smell this. We got our flowers today and spent a small fortune. I’m glad you did get this flower because you will enjoy it for years to come

  2. I feel that family is more important than others so I understand the power cleaning. Enjoy them all.

  3. A very happy flower/scent/family filled weekend to you.

  4. Jasmine might be my favorite.

  5. Isn't amazing how we always clean before company comes when truly it doesn't matter one way or the other. Folks do not care, although some say mother's in laws inspect with white gloves on...not I for sure. Good choice at the garden center. I bet it smells amazing! Hope you have a wonderful get together with your family and friends.

  6. May the rain hold off just long enough.

  7. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I hope you & your clean porch & your jasmine & your guests have a marvelous time!!

  8. When company is coming we clean well and fast, I remember my Aunt & Uncle ringing to say they were coming over and how fast we cleaned the house before they arrived

  9. You guys must be high from the fragrance of Jasmine and Gardenia. Two beautiful fragrances.

    My place needs a lot of sprucing up, I need new siding, new deck boards, a new lawn.
    It'a hard to find the time to do all this.
    Enjoy your company. I'm sure they come to see you and not the place.
    Hugs, Julia


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