Thursday, May 31, 2018

Time Scoots

Tomorrow is the first day of June. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around that flip of the calendar. I feel like I still have confetti in my hair...or get the idea. time scoots. 

Then, I realize I haven't taken a picture for my blog today. We walked hard and fast this morning. With air thick as pine sap, I was sweating buckets before I reached the garden. It didn't get any better for the rest of the walk.

So tonight, when I looked back through pictures for one top post, I scrolled back to when we took our first and only cruise. That was last year right. When I looked at the date on the photo, my head slumped. It was from June 1, 2013. Five years ago tomorrow. As I said – time scoots.


  1. It is already the first of June here - and has been for over twelve hours.
    Love that photo, but I am a complete sucker for skyscapes. And water.

  2. Anonymous11:33 PM

    I want to go on a cruise again!!

  3. You're right, time scoots. Maybe if I slowed down, time would slow down too.
    Take time to smell the gardenias.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Yes, time does scoot. Going over old pictures does bring that fact to light more than ever. Never been on a cruse but it does sound wonderful.

  5. Ahhhh, the brightly colored buildings look like Nassau town! 'Scoot' is such a cute word ... more fun to say than (time) 'flies.'

  6. Just don't blink or it will be July.

  7. Okay, now with the picture you got me wanting to see big boats and smell salt air!! I used to work on the Crash boats in Biloxi, MS for a couple years!

  8. Somtimes I think something just happend about a year ago and then realize its been a few years. I think its a getting older thing. Lol.

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