Thursday, March 21, 2019

Beauty is ephemeral

Fluctuating temperatures have not been kind to the camellias blooming by the backyard fence. When they first bloomed, they were hard to miss.

But beauty is ephemeral. This morning when I walked by earlier this week, most of the camellia blossoms had fallen.

This morning, this one was splayed out underneath the bush. It was as if she were saying, I gave it my all.


  1. Our Spring has not yet sprung...maybe next week.

  2. And you cannot do anymore than 'Give it your all!' Yes Mother nature can keep both worlds guessing, the flora and the human! ;-) I like it when someone else hears what flowers and trees say (or might have)! LOL

  3. I'm sorry that your beautiful Camelias are loosing their blossoms. There is so much disruption in the weather worldwide. Maybe God is giving us a warning sign that things should change. I hope your bees are doing well.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Awww..that is sad to lose the blooms so soon. I can't wait to see a bit of green and blooming here. Hugs- Diana

  5. Oh how pretty and sad all at once. I bet they will spring back (no pun intended but fun all the same)

  6. This weird weather is wearing us all out... even the plants.

  7. That lone lovely blossom over dry leaves sings an aria. When weather misbehaves, opera-logic will do. Beautiful photo and text.


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