Friday, March 15, 2019

Color me sad

The storms came through yesterday afternoon. The wind chimes sounded angry as the first line of storms swept through. Then the power blinked out. 

I did my blog in the dark last night...on my phone. Jilda didn't bother doing her blog.

We planned to do several things today, but our great nephew Jordan wasn't feeling well so our plans changed. He spent the day with us.

After breakfast, he wanted to go for a walk. We shoe'd up headed out. Down in front of our old house, I was taking a picture of lichen on a limb that had fallen to the ground. Jordan looked up into the ancient oak in front of the old house. 

He said, "Something scratched that limb on the oak." When I looked up, my heart sank. What he'd seen was unmistakable. During the storm last night, lightning struck the oak. It looks as if one of the higher limbs was shaved with a pocketknife. 

I want to believe that it will be OK. Time has taught me that it is hard for trees to survive lightning strikes.

Color me sad.



  1. Oh- I hate to lose a well-loved tree. For some reason your blog just popped up for me again (after being gone for months?). Anyway, I am glad to reconnect! Have a wonderful weekend- Diana

  2. Lets hope that it will survive since there has been a lot of rain. Only time will tell.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Wow. Good eye Jordan! The tree does not look burnt so I think it will be ok. Luckily its just shaved the bark.

  4. I am far from being an arborist, but I don't think it looks fatal. I've seen trees at the Grand Canyon that were burnt right down the center that were still going along!

    1. I hope you’re right. Since this doesn’t appear to have gone all the was down the trunk, it might be ok.

  5. Scary though, that is close to the house for a strike. The natural tree can handle repairs much better than a roof. Here is hoping it can repair itself. The repair later sure gives character to a tree. I have admired many a natural repair on a tree, I love nature's surgeon.
    Sherry & jack

  6. Oh no but I hope the old oak tree will survive since they are quite hardy


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