Saturday, March 09, 2019

Somewhere in between

I was in Birmingham this week.  Tuesday I had an appointment with my doctor.  Her office is on 20th street. It’s one of the main streets running through town. The complex is about halfway up Red Mountain. Vulcan stands at the crest of the mountain and The City of Birmingham spreads out at his feet for as far as the eye can see.

The Iron Man is a symbol of the Magic City. The statue was commissioned by the Commercial Club of Birmingham. The Italian-born sculptor Giuseppe Moretti started building the statue in 1903. 

It was one of the first places I took Jilda when we started dating in the summer of 1968. The view of the Birmingham skyline from that statue is breathtaking. 

The picture below was taken a few years ago from The Club which is an exclusive country club within a stone's throw from Vulcan Park. I was there with my friend Dan who is the publisher of several newspapers in the area. 

Looking out over a city always makes me feel small. At any given moment you're looking out over hundreds of thousands of people. 

Each of these people has different hopes and dreams. Some are at the top and some cannot sink lower. And from my vantage point, I fall somewhere in between.


  1. I think you're closer to the top.

  2. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Not bad at all!

  3. Dear Rick, like you, especially when I'm out and about, away from this hermitage I call home, I find myself looking at passersby and wondering what sorrow dwells in the deep center of their being. What dark shadow sometimes overwhelmed them. What joys capture their heart. What problems they face that day? How much money do they have in their purse? Enough for groceries? For lunch? For clothing for the children? Each person we meet is a mystery and I find myself wanting, like Moses, to take off my sandals and kneel before the burning bush of divinity within each person. Peace.

  4. I remember seeing the Vulcan when I was 6 or 7. Not quite as many people in the city then. But rankings? We were below the middle then. I would guess your 'ranking' fits in Joeh comment.
    No matter I hope your day is good. ?We have a beauty in central Florida.
    Sherry & jack

  5. I get that feeling every time when I travel in big cities or when I'm looking down from an aircraft on a large city. I feel pretty insignificant. Millions of unique individuals from every walk of life, each with their own sets of problems and hope. It really makes me feel in awe of how great God is and how He individually calls everyone of us to follow Jesus.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Not so many high rise buildings in that photo.

  7. I think you underestimate yourself! Anyway, in the middle isn't too bad a place to be..I find it cozy!


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