Saturday, March 16, 2019

New friends

I set the clock for 5:30 a.m. this morning which is something I rarely do.   Setting an alarm pretty much gaurantees that I will not sleep well. But, I needed to be on the road early.

The beekeeper called earlier this week and said that Saturday would be a good day to come get my new hives. Bees do better when you move them when the day is young.

My nephew Haven agreed to help with the heavy lifting. I was at his house at 6:30 a.m.

The weatherman said it would be sunny, but the morning skies were ash gray. A wind out of the northwest was biting. I'd started to the truck in a simple long sleeve pullover but it only took a few steps outside to realize that the thin shirt was not going to cut it.

We arrived at the beekeeper's house before 7 a.m. His dogs greeted us when we pulled into the driveway.

The beekeeper had closed up the entryway into the two hives last night trapping the bees inside. When we lifted the hives off the stands this morning, they were not happy. I could hear their wings beating in a syncopated drone. I think the note was a B-flat (sorry for the pun) The hives vibrated as we carried them to the truck.

It's over 20 miles from the beekeeper's house to ours. I drove slowly. We set the stand up facing east. They are situated among our peach, apple, and pear trees.

I let them settle in for about an hour before I put on my beekeeper suit. When I took the narrow blocks off their entryway, the bees flooded out of the hives. Several of them lit on the vail and said some unkind things to my face.

Soon, they settled down and got down to the business of scouting the territory to look for food, and water.

This evening, Jilda and I walked down to the hives slowly without protective suits. A couple lit on my pants leg but after looking me over, they headed to the pear tree which is in full bloom.

Jilda and I are both excited about friends.


  1. I'll have to show this post to Jack. He's wanted bees for a while now. Yours have a perfect home with all the fruit trees. I wish you luck! We need those pollinators in this world!

  2. Funny this. I was just talking about bees to my nephew who is a new bee keeper too. the whole idea sounds great. I am sure a lot of study and planning has gone into this. I know of at lease one horror story where my friend did not study enough. He made out okay, but he robbed his bees somehow and they followed THEIR honey to his house. OUCH!

    The best of luck, and I know you and the pretty lady are gonna reap SWEET rewards. You look good and proud with your hives.
    Sherry & jack

  3. Wonderful!
    The bees have arrived at their new home.

  4. Yay! You are now a bee keeper. I hope that they give you lots of honey and no trouble.
    Good luck with this new enterprise.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I think you will enjoy this hobby and get some sweet returns. I expect the bees may also inspire some music.

  6. Good for you! Bees have taken a beating due to the pesticides but they are rebounding where pesticides are no longer used. I would be too scared to be stung but we do have flowers that are bee friendly so I feel good about that. I wonder what your honey will taste like..yummy no matter what.

  7. Lucky for you that they have not decided to B-sharp. Intended.

  8. I call dibbs on some of your first batch of honey. Haha.
    I dont like bees but I have always oddly wanted to own some hives.
    I can wait to read more on your bee keeping.

  9. Oh- Good for you for getting bees. I have always loved honeybees (and bumblebees)...not so much wasps and hornets. My Uncle, one farm over, was a beekeeper but my dad let him put skeps on our fields next to where he grew clover and other crops. We always had honey with biscuits with most of our meals. Nothing in the world like it. I actually mentioned the bee hives on my blog today....AND...your blog is popping up on my sidebar again. I deleted it and re-added it and that seemed to do the trick.
    Have a wonderful week, Rick. Hugs- Diana


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