Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bee watching

I have an old metal folding chair that my neighbor gave me a few weeks before he died. It's been leaning against the pear tree out back.

Today, I dragged the chair down and placed it under the peach tree just a few feet from the beehives. This afternoon, the sun was high in a cloudless sky. I think it got warmer than the weatherman predicted.

I sat in the folding chair and watched the bees. A few of them flew up and landed on my pants leg to get a better look at me. I sat still and talked in low soothing tones.  They considered me for a long while before zipping up to suck on a peach blossom.

It's peaceful sitting there and listening to the drone. They rarely rest when there's work to do.

Ol' Hook sat beside me and helped me keep watch. He learned to respect flying insects last year when he tried to dig up a yellow jacket's nest.

As the sun drifted behind the oak an poplar trees, I stood to walk to the house. A Canadian Swallowtail butterfly almost landed on my shoulder. It changed its mind and fluttered around just ahead of me. Hook chased its shadow.

It flew all the way to the collard plants by the back deck before swooping down to check out the yellow flowers on the bolding plants.

It paused just long enough for a portrait.


  1. Those bees are going to bring peace with their buzzing.
    Now you've got this old thing stuck in my head...from about the first grade.

    CM B's? M N O B's. O S A R...CM? O S, I CM.


  2. So now you can sit and watch the bees work for hours. Jilda will have to plant lots of flowers for their little pay cheques.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Sounds like a great place to meditate and reflect ~ and love the butterfly!

  4. Ah ha, sounds like my grand sons, "I B watchin'" I know you are proud of the Bees. They are a wonder and the term 'busy as a bee' is very appros.
    Sherry & jack

  5. That butterfly is gorgeous! I can't imagine myself able to remain so mellow in the presence of bees.

  6. You had a perfect day and a perfect companion to observe the smaller creatures in your area.

  7. This is just the bees knees:) I'm glad you enjoyed watching the bees and to see such a beautiful butterfly must have made your day. Remember in native teachings Butterfly means Joy in Life.

  8. They say honey bees are the less aggressive bees as far as stinging humans. Is that correct or is that just something they always told me so I'd stop running in circles screaming while holding a slice of watermelon?


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