Sunday, March 10, 2019

Time Change Blues

I'm not a fan of this time change. I know. I've heard all the arguments. I'm still not a fan. Both Jilda and I were a little prickly this morning. The coffee helped but we kept our distance from sharp objects.

We didn't have breakfast until 10 this morning. After cleaning up the kitchen, we took the dogs out for a walk. Midway through the first lap, the sun peeped out from behind a hedge of clouds. Sunshine always helps.

I took the picture below yesterday. It was raining. The light falling on the barn looked odd. In regular light, all the boards are the same shade. As you can see, that was not the case this time. Maybe it was the carpet of moss.

I'm thinking about writing a song entitled: There is No Cure for Time Change Blues.


  1. It is a dumb idea for sure. Some how i think it was supposed to save electricity. I don't think so . I heard someone say that if you cut of an inch of a rope and add it on to the other end, it is still pretty much the same size rope.

  2. I don't like daylight savings time, either. I've found that it helps if I change my clocks on Saturday afternoon and make myself start living by the time change a bit earlier. That way I go to bed at the new "normal" time.


  3. Funny that! I have NEVER met a person who thought the time change was a GREAT idea, most folk I know despise the idea. Who is for it? Anyway the barn picture is AMAZING, love it.

  4. I'm quite adaptable and I'm not much bothered by the time change but I know a lot of people are. I think people should go with the rhythm of nature. Just think of new mothers who have to get up several times a night to nurse their new born babies, they surely could use more sleep and they have to get their other kids ready for school.

    I hope a nap will help.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I like Daylight savings time. I work till 5:00 each day. It's nice to come home and still have a few hours to do some things outside. But I could adapt to either way if they would just leave it alone.
    Beautiful barn capture.

  6. I voted against daylight saving time every time it was on the ballot. Now there are people who want to make it permanent all year long.

  7. I hate the time change especially this one. I spent the day like I was all doped up and slept off and on most of the day. My hubby and I both thought it was 11pm when it was only 8. I love the barn with the bright moss green with the deep reds.


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