Thursday, March 14, 2019

In the dark

We’re in the dark this evening. Storms blew through a few hours ago and took our lights with it. Jilda was at work and I sent her a text that it was heading in her direction.
I told her that if she saw our lights to please tell them to get back home.

She called just before 6 to say she was on the way home. I drove down to the main road to make sure she could get through.

Down at the main road there were huge oak and hickory trees blown down. When they fell they took power lines with them.

I’m posting this on my phone so it will be short.

Happy Thursday.


  1. We got home in NC with no supper so we went for pizza. While waiting the weatehr channel was on showing bad weather in your area and Myra's also. We thought of your guys. Sorry there is no power, but much better than many alternatives. Hang in there and smooch a Little in the dark.
    Sherry & jack.

  2. Oh no! I hope it comes on soon and you guys are OK. The storms passed us quickly and we didn't lose power. Thankfully! Have a good Friday!

  3. Im glad your guys are OK. We had lots of sunshine yesterday. Today holds rain and storms again.

  4. I hope your lights are back on and you got home without having to cut down trees.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Oh my. Where I live there is chaos all around but I am not too inconvenienced. I am a lucky one. Even with all my complaining.

  6. I didn't consider how riveting WSFA Weather was until last night's coverage. Whew!

  7. Be careful down there! Knoxville doesn't have the wind, but we sure had the water last week. Thankful that God put my house on a hill. :-)

  8. No power can suck or we can just deal with it once I would lay down now days I need my Cpap machine so can't do that

  9. Has your power been restored--I hope? We're so dependent on the silly modern conveniences.



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