Monday, March 18, 2019

Movie biz

I knew it was a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try. The mayor called me over the weekend to say that a movie company was shooting a few scenes of a movie in Old Dora.

I dug my press pass out of the bottom of my camera bag. Most everyone here where I work knows me and I never have to show the pass so I've never actually used it.

Heading my truck into the gates, I eased up to the edge of the parking lot where the crew was assembling.

I casually got out of the truck as if I owned the place. Strolling around, I shot several pictures. When I started toward the carts with the cameras a young man approached me. I showed him my press pass, but he wasn't impressed. He asked me to leave.  I did.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed. The mayor sent a text with the phone number for the publicists. She gave me the scoop and apologized for the closed set. But I understood. They didn't want a thousand locals coming to the set wanting to be extras.

I got a story and the few pictures I'd taken would be OK.

On the way home, I drove on through the old town. I've written about this tunnel in the past. I've never driven through it without blowing my horn.

Today, as I snailed through it, I stopped in the middle. School kids have spray painted their names on this tunnel ever since spray paint was invented. Apparently Ben loves Alexia. And Bro did something disgusting with XXXXXX. The "with" name had been sprayed over.

There are small towns all across this country. All of them are full of history. If they could talk (or write screenplays), there would be thousands of compelling movies.

I smiled at that thought as I headed home to write my story.


  1. I was hoping you'd be an extra.

  2. I love that little tunnel. It makes a great landmark. Sorry you got kicked out. I guess they don't want publicity until after the shoot.
    Hugs Julia

  3. I had a feeling you would be asked to leave. I’m glad you got as far as you did:). The tunnel looks like fun to drive through and so does that road. Kids and spray paint....why are they sold to kids?

  4. You didn't know if you blew your horn it would collapse? Yeah, something about a tunnel causes me to honk the horn.
    Glad you got the story, movie people are always sort of a mystery from the outside. They NEED privacy to make something for the public.
    Sherry & jack in a cool NC

  5. Sounds like an exciting foray.

  6. Awww...shoot---didn't work, huh? LOL Maybe next time! I love those old tunnels like that...they remind me of small home towns.
    I hope you have a great evening. Hugs-Diana

    oh- BTW, would you send me your email addy? I tried to reply to your comment on my blog and it popped right back to me. Mine is Thanks-I promise not to sell your name to spammers. lol


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