Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Shields up

It was popsicle'ish this morning. I headed out with the dog wearing a thin turtleneck but five steps into the walk, I turned around for something thicker.

The dogs were ecstatic. They hate it when the weather gets hot. This morning was dog weather. 

When we walked into the garden out back, Ol' Hook gave the beehives a wide berth. I smiled as he ran to the other side of the garden. There is a reason he did this.

Yesterday when we walked, he started chasing the shadow of a swallowtail butterfly. The fluttering critter flew over the beehives. Hook chased after the shadow barking. He was euphoric until he got a little too close to the beehives. I'm guessing the bees issued a "Shields Up" command and they lit that poor deaf bulldog up. 

He tucked his tail and ran toward the yard. I had to cut my walks short, go back, and let him through the gate back into the yard. Once inside the house, he tried to get into Jilda's lap. He weighs almost as much as she does.

I headed for the doggie drug store and sucked up a dose syringe (needleless) of Benadryl. Soon he was slobbering on his doggie bed in front of the living room windows. 

This afternoon, I snapped a picture of another butterfly sipping nectar on a pear blossom.  It looks a little stark, but it was too far up in the tree to get a better photo.

I hope your Tuesday has been a good one.


  1. Ol Hook! Haha. Bless his heart. I hope Jilda gave him a lot of loving.
    Great photo capture of the butterfly.

  2. Poor Ol Hook, he may be blind but he's not stupid. A blogger friend just said that there are millions of Painted Butterflies in California because they had lots of rain this winter and there has been a super bloom of wild flowers. It must be a sight to see. A lovely shot of the butterfly.
    Hugs, Julia
    Hugs, Julia

  3. It is easy to feel for Ole Hook. I hate it for him. That deafness is something I sympathize with. I am always telling our Janie that she is like her grandpa, and we are buddies.
    Beautiful shot of the Butterfly!

  4. Poor Hook. It seems as if all the stinging creatures are out to get him. The butterfly picture is spectacular.

  5. The butterfly against the sky is excellent.

    The poppy bloom and butterflies are just 11 miles north of us. the butterflies were surrounding us here where we live. It was fantastic. We walked around the blooms and took photos. Amazing.

  6. What a great shot! I love the sky behind the butterfly..lovely! Poor Hook..hope he's OK tonight and I'm sure he's done with going near the hives!

  7. Thursday here and so far a good day, not too hot nor too cold

  8. Beautiful picture!

    Poor Hook, and you couldn't warn him. He knows now, hard lesson though.


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