Wednesday, March 13, 2019


We had baked garlic chicken with chickpeas for lunch today. Jilda cooks almost every meal we eat.  She found this recipe in a magazine that featured Mediterranean dishes. I could say it was scrumptious but that would be a disservice. 

Wednesday is an off day for me, but Jilda teaches one yoga class at the rehab center.

We decided a nap after lunch, would be just the ticket. We were right. I think I may have drooled on my sleeve.

Later, I walked out on the back deck. The sun was warm. Wind out of the west played a concerto on the chimes hanging on the eve.

I sat in the sun drinking ice tea and eating pistachios. There must have been twenty redbirds on the fence waiting for their turn at the feeders. There are probably better ways to spend a Wednesday, but none come to mind.

The picture below is one I took of our camellia by the back fence. It was a little blurry so I decided to have some Photoshop fun. This is my "impression" of the camellia.


  1. That's about as good as it gets. A glass of wine, a good cigar and watching the waves break on the shore does it for me, but i do like pistachios too.

  2. I cooked quite elaborate meals when my kids were growing up. Now that I'm alone, I'm happy to get a roast chicken from Costco and steam some broccoli to go with it. That's the extent of my cooking.


  3. Sounds like an ideal way to spend an afternoon.


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