Wednesday, March 06, 2019

It was cold last night. This morning, the collards in the raised beds out back droop as if they were ashamed...and they enjoy cold weather. This morning a breeze out of the north made it feel even colder. 

The waterer in the chicken pen was as hard as marble. After I fed the girls, gave them water, and collected the eggs, I stepped over to the fence and looked into the heavens to the south. 

The cloudless sky was topaz. The contrails of two passing jets made an X. It looked like they were playing Tic Toe.

I should have taken a picture but I was charging my phone. I held the make-believe camera to my eye and clicked a few imaginary frames.

Later, we drove into Birmingham to visit COSTCO. We buy quantities of some things that we use. Beef and chicken stock as well as olive oil, washing detergent, and such. It was a beautiful drive.

We decided to enjoy the sunshine while we could. Storms are forecast for Alabama again this weekend. 

The weather gets wacky this time of year. Maybe it's upset about the time change.

More fungi photos from yesterday.


  1. Yeah and y'all musta left the door open 'cause we dipped to the upper 30's in central Florida, but today was beautiful.....
    We always enjoy your lens captures, nice.

    Sherry & jack

    PS: Please the door tonight! ;-)

  2. Take heart. We are warming a little and it should be coming your way in a few days.

  3. You have enough fungi photos to fill a book.
    It's been cold again today even though the sun is shining. Like Jack says, someone must have left the door opened.
    I hope the eggs weren't frozen.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. March is the worst, April is a tease...I am waiting for May.

  5. The fungus among us is magical! I hope the weather is good for Alabama this weekend. You guys have had enough scary and sad things down there. We've been cold this week and a little snowy but warmer air is in the forecast..I"m ready for it!


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