Tuesday, March 19, 2019


I did something yesterday that I haven't done before. I missed an appointment for an interview. Actually, let me be more specific – I forgot that I'd made the appointment.

I'd somehow put the appointment down on the wrong day so my reminder was waiting to remind me. 

The photographer sent me a text asking if I was OK. It was embarrassing to tell her that I'd messed up.

Later, I called the gentleman back and told him that I'd screwed up and asked if he would consider rescheduling. He's my age and chuckled a little and asked if we could do it today. I told him I would come at his convenience. 

I met him at the small airport in Jasper. We talked for over an hour. He was a Vietnam veteran who flew combat missions. 

The story will go in the quarterly magazine that will be published in April. I will share it then.

This evening, I got home as Jilda was leaving for work. There were several stories that I needed to write. After the first one, I took the dogs for a walk.

Not far from our front steps, I noticed tiny white flowers on anorexic stems. The looked beautiful in the shade of the sweet gum tree. I snapped a picture.

It's getting beautiful here. The temps will be near freezing tonight. I'm hoping all the blooming things have a sweater.


  1. It's easy to get mixed up when you are so busy. You can blame it on the bees for the distraction.
    It's very cod this morning but it will warm up this afternoon. I don't want all our snow to melt too fast because of the danger of flooding. It's spring but not really.
    I have no idea what flowers those are but they are pretty.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I just cannot believe it!!! What else you got to do?? LOL BUT apologies are good, sorta shows the person you are just as human as they.
    BUT don't let it happen again, says your head, so listen.
    The best to you and the pretty lady.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I had that happen a couple of weeks ago. I had an appointment and had to change it. When I wrote it down I had the correct day but used the old time...gal called and wondered where I was...needless to say, I was there in 10 minutes flat!!
    It is still freezing here every night but we expect it.
    Will look forward to the piece on Vietnam. I think you know I volunteer at the VA clinic here and I work with 2 Vietnam vets. One that is still traumatized after all these years and very jumpy, Lord love him. He's my favorite because he has a bit of 'naughty' in him. lol Hugs--Diana

  4. The main thing is that you called the man to apologize and reschedule. And he seems to have been gracious about the whole thing.

  5. Most people have done that and I would think most would be forgiving...glad you got the interview...those guys are heroes. Not much blooming here but sweaters are all the rage!

  6. I have forgotten more than once but I understand why you felt so badly. I'm glad you could speak with him. If you can watch it, There is an excellent documentary on the First World War called "They Shall Not Grow Old." I know you and your wife would love it. peter Jackson(Lord of the Rings Director) had access to all the British military records, films and audio. He created a masterpiece, in my book, because he took the old film footage, restored it, was able to create the proper speed so we see them move the way it should be-not too fast or stilted. he also added colour so kids would feel more involved and it works brilliantly. He got lip readers so we could hear what they were saying and he had veterans who discussed their war experiences, back in the 70's and 80's, while you watch the film. When the film changed to colour, there was a gasp in the audience and my brother just said.."Oh My God!" I was happy to just see this in the movie theatre but look it up on youtube and you can see the film trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrabKK9Bhds


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