Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Good books and Lime mushrooms

I'm reading my eleventh book of the year. It's by an author I've been reading for many years. It's New Iberia Blues by James Lee Burke. Most of Burke's work is crime novels set in and around New Orleans.

It's not just the who done it that appeals to me, but the description and language Burke uses. Each time I read one of his novels, it makes me want to work harder to become a better writer.

I'm listening to this book on audio. When I pulled into the driveway earlier after a meeting at the newspaper office, I switched off the engine sat in my driveway listening. 

Finishing his books always makes me a little sad. Not at the story, but that the story ended.

That's when you know you've read a good book.

The picture below is a mushroom growing on tree stump down at the barn. I would have missed it, but Jilda pointed it out on our walk yesterday. I would miss a lot of pictures if it weren't for her.


  1. I feel the same way about steak. If it's real good, you're sorry its done.

  2. There is so much color in nature if you just take the time to look. Love your photos.

  3. You stated my feelings on reading a good book:
    .........Not at the story, but that the story ended......That's when you know you've read a good book.......
    Yes and I also like the color you show!
    Sherry & jack

  4. You're the second person in as many weeks to mention this author. It's been a long time since I regretted a story's conclusion.

  5. Many years ago I read Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. This type of story is not for everyone but I was left in awe. There was not a wasted word in the whole book. Never before or since have I seen that. Even his subsequent books were a little less. How I wish for that one perfect piece of writing.

  6. Our measure of a good audio book is if we are in the last 20 minutes when we arrive at home and we drive around and around until the ending. One was Andy Weir's The Martian, and another was an Alex Cross book by James Patterson.

  7. I want to start reading more because reading is awesome

  8. I've been a slacker in the reading department this winter. Usually I'm finishing a book a week. I'm sure Jilda sees these beautiful colors because of the artist in her!

  9. I'm an avid James Lee Burke fan, especially the Dave Robicheaux series. The titles of these books are something else - how could you resist a book with the title In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead? I haven't read any for a while and the last one I was faced with the possibility that he was about to eliminate one of the characters I'd long admired. I hope not, if this happens James Lee Burke and I will be parting company.

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