Monday, November 25, 2019

A salute to autumn

We'd planned to attend the last beekeeping club meeting of the year tonight. No bees stuff tonight – just a bunch of beefolk getting together and breaking bread to celebrate the holiday season.

Jilda whipped up a batch of spinach balls.  It's a favorite Hors d'oeuvre of mine. 

Today was a workday for both of us but the plan was that she'd knock off a few minutes early, rush home, spruce up, and we'd head out to pig out. 

She called in a panic. The Samburu Outback uses a key fob to crank the engine. The tiny watch battery in the fob was dead and the car wouldn't crank.

Plan "B". I drove up to where she works with the spare key. We got home, but it was too late to make the bee-thang. Maybe next year.

When I went down to check on the bees this afternoon, they had swilled two pounds of sugar water since daybreak. 

As I walked back, I leaned my head back as I walked to take stock of the sky. All the leaves have dropped from the sweet gum tree, but it looked like a monument standing against the cloudless sky.

I shot a picture and then whipped off a quick salute to autumn.


  1. I really appreciate the elegance of bare tree branches filigreed against the sky.
    I hope you and Jilda enjoyed the spinach balls.

  2. Oh the sweet gum trees. Arn’t they the ones that drop those sticky balls everywhere? Not my favorite tree. Most of the trees here are bare now except the PinOaks.

    1. Yes. Those balls look like tiny ball and chain spiked torture tools,
      We still have a few more weeks of color.

  3. Ah the best laid plans of mice and men. I like to think that little dead battery may have saved some heart ache in another area. Anyway it is sometimes the little things that disrupt a day.
    I hide extra keys, I guess soon I will be hiding an extra battery. LOL
    The best to you. Nice picture.

  4. I learned to play golf whacking those little gum ball things around the yard. Almost as good as the plastic whiffle balls used for practice.

    Now I think I need to look for a spare fob battery.

  5. As they used to say one HeeHaw, "Sa-lute!" I love the picture.

  6. Well, all the more spinach balls for you! :)

  7. Some days just go that way. Glad you had a plan "B" for the car but sorry you missed the "B" thang!

  8. Shame you missed the last meeting but glad your bees still love their sugar water. Love that picture with the light hitting the branches


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