Wednesday, November 27, 2019


A hard rain and strong winds overnight stripped most of the color off the trees here. There's a pin oak over near the edge of our property that is still beautiful. The blueberry bushes produced gallons of fruit in early spring.  We put over a dozen freezer bags that were as stuffed as a freshly fed baby.

We'll have blueberries in our morning protein shakes until next spring. But the thing about blueberries is that the berries are but one gift they provide. In autumn and winter, the leaves turn crimson and hang on for dear life. Then in spring, they are one of the first plants to blossom and provide nectar for the bees. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but we doubled the number of blueberry bushes in our garden. We now have over 20 and I might add ten more over the next few weeks.

Our local produce place wants to carry local organic blueberries.

People tell me that at my age, I should be winding down. I would consider it if I weren't having so much fun.


  1. Winding down from what? Tending to bees and making honey, raising blueberries, walking dogs, caring for chickens, playing guitar? What are they kidding? I call that the good life and I think you know it.

  2. You are certainly enjoying life. That's what is important.

  3. If you are having fun you most definitely SHOULDN'T wind down. Keep at it. And colour me a little envious about the blueberries.

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  5. Love the color and my girl loves blue berries. She just finished her supply this AM, unfortunately hers are from the store!


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