Friday, November 15, 2019

Damn the man

The rain was intermittent today. One moment it the sun was out and the next it was spitting rain. The sky looked confused.

Normally, I'm off on Friday, but the editor asked if I would consider shooting a picture. We didn't have a lot on our calendar so I told him I'd take the picture.

On the way home, I noticed the grass growing beside a plot of land where the trees had been recently harvested. It's like the reeds grow in defiance of the timber cutters.

Damn the man! We're going to grow as tall as we can before the winter becomes too cruel.

The stalks of grass probably weren't saying that, but those are the words that came to mind as I focused on this image.


  1. I picture some music playing and the grass swaying to the songs.

  2. Beautiful and courageous.

  3. Rick, If only plants were as tough as weeds. There's been some logging around our area. I really hate to see the entire woods cut out. The woods across the road from us was logged a few years ago. But the young trees seem to be getting taller now. We use to see deer come from that woods. Now you hear the coyotes at night yelping from the woods. I loved the gold of the foreground and that pretty strip of blue sky. Great picture. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. I sorta like 'Jim & Sandie's comment above. Good observation! I love to read things where people can express their thoughts that succinctly. .

  5. That is a beautiful picture. Grasses and grains are so pretty and you got a great shot.


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