Saturday, November 16, 2019

Learning new things

I attended a beehive building class today. In the short time, I've been keeping bees, I've learned that beehive components are not cheap to buy. One beehive with the basic components can cost upwards of a hundred dollars.

My bee mentor told me that anyone with tools and basic woodworking skills could build most of the components for a fraction of what it cost to buy them.

The class early this morning great! We took 1 inch by 12 inch boards 12 ft long and when they came out the other end of the shed, they were the components I need to expand our apiary.

The good thing for me is that I already have most of the tools I need thanks to my father-in-law Sharkey. He was a tool man. He bought tools on sale even if he didn't need them.

I have tables saws, drills, routers, and most of the other things I need.

Learning new things is exhilarating. There were about 20 other new beekeepers there and we spent a few hours learning how to put it all together.

I can't wait to get some wood and build some beehives.


  1. Learning new things keeps your brain working and keeps you young! Good job and I know you'll be providing tons honey for the masses soon!

  2. When you want to bad enough work can be made to be fun. Especially on a project dear to your heart. The air tools were a great addition to a big person's play house...

  3. I love tools, don't know how to use half of mine. Building bee stuff sounds like a fun project.

  4. Soon you'll have half a dozen new hives.

  5. I would agree, learning new things can be exhilarating. So glad you are enjoying all the aspects of bee keeping.

  6. Bee keeping seems a way to connect to nature, to God.

  7. Sharkey could not have known, when he bought all those tools he did not need, how valuable they would be to his son-in-law's bee keeping enterprise.
    Busy days ahead in the barn.

  8. Learning new stuff is good for the brain

  9. I am glad you are doing something for the bees


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