Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Lost pup

It was a quiet morning. Our freshly poured coffee was still steaming on the coffee table as Jilda and I sat slowly becoming conscience.

All of a sudden, all three dogs went berserk. SHIELDS UP!!!! INCOMING!!!! MAN THE BATTLE STATIONS!!!!!

When I looked outside the window we had a visitor. It was a chocolate lab less than a year old. He was sitting there looking into the window. He seemed to be wondering what it must be like to be a dog inside those windows, lying on beds as big as clouds.

He got the message from our dogs that he was not welcome so he wandered off.

After coffee, I stepped outside to feed the chickens, the lights went off.

All of a sudden, all three dogs went berserk. SHIELDS UP!!!! INCOMING!!!! MAN THE BATTLE STATIONS!!!!!  The dogs hate it when the power goes off because it often means jagged lightning and thunder stomping ever closer. But this morning there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Stepping back inside, I called the power company and reported the outage before heading back outside to feed the chickens.

When I stepped off of the back deck, there was the pup. I stopped in my tracks and then looked around. All three gates into our fenced backyard were closed. Yet there he was.

I opened the gate and shushed him out.

Before I came out of the chicken pen, he was back in the yard. Jilda, who'd walked out to the deck said that he'd jumped the fence. It's been a while since a dog young enough to jump our fence has come around.

I put this picture out on Facebook to try and find his mama and daddy. The post was shared 38 times. Hopefully, we will hear from his folks tomorrow.


  1. I saw it on your post and I would take him in a heartbeat. Look at those sad eyes pleading to be hugged

  2. He's a cutie. I hope you find someone to love him soon.

  3. Somebody could have dropped him off hoping you would take him in. He is a pretty puppy.

  4. The word is out, "RICK AND JILDA" are the best. Love, food, games and besides they are easy. If you can jump a fence, even better!
    I know someone is surely missing that dude!
    Sherry & jack

  5. Hope his family can find him, what a sweet face.

  6. He looks healthy and if someone didn’t let him out then I bet someone is sure missing him. Hope you find his family.

  7. Oh my those eyes...Makes you just want to love him. Hope you find who he belongs too soon.

  8. He knows a good thing when he finds it. Might end up a new pack member.

  9. I'm not a dog whisperer but he seems to be saying: "Feed me!" I hope his family finds him. Maybe he has a microchip.


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