Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The staff

The last several days have been hectic. We're having some of Jilda's family over for Thanksgiving. As with all gatherings here, we feel the need to spruce up.

Also, there is the turkey process. It has to be a fresh turkey. Not one gobbling, mind you, but one that hasn't needed a sweater since it....gave its life for the pilgrim holiday.

We've worked in the yard, on the screen porch, in the garden, and around the barn. Our niece's boyfriend commented that last time he ate with us: "Y'all need a staff."

Today, the newspaper where I work part-time invited Jilda and me to Thanksgiving lunch. We agreed. My nephew, who is the publisher, is doing a Christmas special for the online audience. He asked if we'd come a little early so that his film crew could video us singing the original Christmas song we wrote a few years ago. We were flattered to be included.

Jilda had to work this evening at her job at the rehab center, so we left after lunch. Once home, we both hit the couch for a nap.

The alarm on my phone usually wakes us both when it's time to get back to work.

Today, I woke up, but she was still dead to the world. Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a picture while she was sleeping. She will probably smack me when she reads this post, but I'll tell her it was "the staff" that did it.


  1. She might kill you but she shouldn’t because Jilda looks great! If it was me, my mouth would be open with some spittle and I would not look like a sleeping princess, maybe the sleeping princess’s fat sister

  2. If only I could sleep so elegantly...

  3. Yep you are dead! She knows the staff up close and personal. You have no chance. RIP
    Sherry & jack ;-)

  4. How heavenly it is to enjoy a good nap on a busy day. The do a lot of good and help to give us the energy to finish the day. You, the staff, will pay for this one dearly.


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