Sunday, November 24, 2019

Walking on Sunday

When I slipped on a sweatshirt and started putting on my walking shoes this morning, the dogs went berserk. They were so cranked.

I know they are trying to rush me when they nip at my sox. Today, Ol' Hook pulled a sox off my foot and ran to the door. I'm guessing he thought that by stealing my sox we could walk sooner.

I get dressed first and get the dogs outside so that Jilda can get Taz ready. It takes a little longer for the Yorkie. She only weighs about nine pounds, and she's close to the ground. The dew or frost is on her belly, so she requires a sweater to walk.

When I stepped outside, I realized why the mutts were in such a hurry. It was a postcard-pretty day.

I walked around to the back and fed the chickens while I waited. The big dogs are in a different zip code by the time Jilda and Taz are ready.

Jogging in place, I did a 360 to try and take it all in. The only sound was the wind rustling leaves and the sound of my breath.

The blueberry bushes in the foreground are showing out now. Last week, I transplanted 10 new plants. This will almost double the number of bushes we have. It will take a year or so for them to produce in large quantities, but I'm from the school of thought that you cannot have too many blueberries.


  1. It sounds and looks like a totally blissful start to the day.

  2. I can just feel the excitement of the dogs and how anxious they were to get outside. Although I don't have their energy, I too hae days that I can't wait to be outside. Today is one of the prettiest ones we'll have all week, but first I have dishes to do. But that won't take long ! Then I'll get outside too. Your picture is so pretty, it makes me want to say Thank You for sharing !

  3. I wish I might feel a fraction of the joy in the early AM as do our dogs!

  4. So pretty! Glad you had a good day and I agree with you... blueberries are best in large quantities!

  5. We cannot allow our dog to run free... we live too close to the highway. We have to keep her in a run. She also gets excited when she is going out especially if her favorite person is going with her.

    1. We keep our dogs in a fence unless they are walking with us on our property.
      They rarely go towards the road on our daily walks.
      Even when Jilda and I walk up the road, the dogs run into our yard and walk there instead of the road.

  6. Blueberries grow on bushes? I thought they just came in little boxes at the grocery store.

  7. I smiled at Ol'Hook. We re visiting our deaf Bull down here. We get to dog sit tomorrow. Love the picture, restful.
    Sherry & jack


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