Saturday, November 30, 2019


It's been warm enough to swim here today. The sun played tag with the clouds for most of the day. We hit the road early. I took my sunglasses but spent most of the drive taking them on and off. 

The first stop was Hobby Lobby. Jilda needed supplies so that she could get started painting the Christmas cards for this year.

This evening, my team played a wild football game but ended up losing a game we should have won. But that's the way it goes.

Tonight, I got a weather alert. When I looked at the radar on my phone, I saw that people to the north and west were getting pounded.

When I walked onto the back deck, the sky to the east was stary. But off to the west, I saw strobes of lightning and thunder rolled.

The windchimes play different notes when the wind is gentle. But when storms approach, the combination of notes sound almost ominous. 

The lights have flickered once, but I'm willing the storms to dissipate leaving behind a gentle rain.


  1. Yet another packed day.
    Please send some of your rain this way.
    Today my post includes a bee swarm - and I thought of you when I posted it.

  2. Great game. I had no dog in the fight, but I often root for the Tide as my friend Frog went there for Grad school. Anyway, 2 pick sixes is tough to overcome, especially when one went for 100 yards...that one was a killer. If Bama scored there the game would have been over. Still a great game to watch without a real favorite.

  3. It was 80* in our neck of the woods yesterday (boo, hiss); but wow. Come the storm both dogs woke with a start and began running around the house barking furiously. If you see any snow showers, will you send them my way?

  4. Wind chimes are good weather detectors. They really do make a different noise when a bad wind is coming.

  5. Oh yes, THE WEATHER! I do enjoy wind chimes, the are my early alert! What a haunting picture, good shot.
    Sherry & jack


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