Monday, November 04, 2019

Hug a tree

Typically, I post my Sunday column here on Monday nights. The column this week came from the seeds of a blog entry last week. Rather than have you re-read a post, I intend to write something new....something exciting...something life-changing – something that will make you view life differently in autumn – something that will make you want to hug puppies and small children –something BIG.

Bare with me. I'm still thinking. 

Here's the thing. Jilda bought me my first journal for my birthday on January 15, 1978. My first entry was on  January 17. Through the years, my updates were hit and miss. I would write daily for a stretch and then go too long before doing another update. But I always went back.

Then on December 2, 2005, I went digital. I still write in my journal occasionally, but this blog has evolved into my daily journal. 

Looking back through the 5,129 posts, I've shared a great deal about me and my life with my lovely spouse of 45 years. I've shared pictures and stories of our mutts – about our hobbies – our passions – our faux pas. 

I'm not sure any posts were life-changing, but hopefully, there were a few that made you want to hug a child or a puppy. Tonight's post made me want to hug a tree.


  1. Hugging a tree sounds pretty good to me.
    When I die I want to feed a tree - which is I suppose a kind of a hug.

  2. I think that the entry on ATM CARDS is not from a Tree Hugger, but maybe a crook. Just sayin'. Just a hint to those who do not know, Most ATM's will not pay more than $300 a day. LOL
    Anyway my friend, I always enjoy the read. Love how you can precisely throw words of less number and say a lot. I lost a prize tree this week. The kid doing it laid it where he said he would and had the height precise.
    Take care,
    Sherry & jack

    1. You're right Jack, it was a crook. I marked it as spam and smite'd the comment. He actually commented on about eight or ten of my posts.
      I get that occasionally. Sorry to read about your tree.

  3. I'm a tree hugger and am thankful for them. They do so much good, how can we help but love them. Like you my journaling has changed to blogging. I love looking back over the posts I've made and see what was new at my house, years ago. Truly a great way to journal.

  4. Looking back, I think journaling may have saved me a lot of (mental) grief. I'd a writing instructor who once opined, "Trying to solve problems in your own mind is like trying to play squash in the bathroom."

  5. Be careful about which tree you hug. The one in the picture could use a hug but it might fall on your head.

  6. Writing ina journal or diary is often hit and miss in our youth, the older we get the more we want to write stuff down

  7. I love trees, but I'm not a hugger; now give me a puppy...

  8. Even though I miss your blog post here and there, every time I read it and see a picture, I have a smile on my face because it is uplifting even when a time or moment is a tough one.


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