Thursday, November 21, 2019

Late night Gig blues

Tonight's entry will be short. Jilda and I played at the Comer Museum tonight. It's about 90 miles south of where we live.

We've played at the museum before and we love those folks. Tonight, we'd play a while and chat a while.

We just got home and I have the late-night gig blues

The only picture I have was one I took this morning as the sun was waking up.

There's a saying about it but I'm too tired to remember.

Red sky in morning
Is never boring?

I forget.


  1. If you forget, try this one.
    A red sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning.
    For what that's worth in Alabama because I have no idea whether there are any shepherds to speak of who'd be interested in this warning anyway.


  2. And here I thought you guys were singing the Blues! ;-) I don't know the proper term, but I call that a silhouette shot, I love it.
    Sherry & jack

  3. What a beautiful shot of red skies in the morning - they say sailors take warning. I can't do late nights at all anymore. Proof is that I woke up at 3 am in my chair in the front room where I was trying to stay away until 9:00 so I could go to bed. Ha!

  4. Those late-night gig blues are actually the satisfying feeling while you are coming down from a great time.

  5. I always heard - red sky in morning sailors take warning, red sky at night sailors delight.
    Take care, Sheila

    1. I knew what it was. This was my lame attempt at humor :)


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