Saturday, November 02, 2019

Festival Father

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox church is in a small town about 20 miles from here. It's 125 years old this year. Each November they have a Slavic/Rusian Food Festival. The weather was amazing.

The first time we went several years ago there were about 500 people who showed up. They got a Facebook page. When Jilda looked this week, over 5,000 people said they were going.

We met our friends Danny and Jo Frances there when it opened this morning.

We checked out the tiny temple. A priest (I think that's what they call them) told visitors about things of interest at the church.

After the tour, we got in line for the food which they prepared in an adjoining building. Even that early, there were probably 150 people in front of us, but those sisters were cranking out the plates.

The food was scrumptious. I'll let Jilda tell you what it was.

After we ate, we went through a tiny shop and purchased a Christmas ornament. When we went downstairs to buy some pastries, there was a line down the street and around the corner. We groaned and headed to the parking lot. Maybe next year, we'll hit the bakery first.

Father Paul Davis - Rector told visitors about the tiny temple.


  1. Pastries first...ALWAYS, pastries first!

  2. Enjoyed the read. Very interesting and also for that belief, very old for Alabama I would say. Of course that is a guess I have no idea how many Russians settled in the south. I know not in our small towns here.
    Thanks, interesting.
    Sherry & jack

  3. Those kinds of festivals always have the best food. I have a sweet tooth so I'd be one to hit the bakery first for sure !

  4. Part of my ancestry is Slavic. They have some of the best pastries. My favorite is kolaches. Yum

  5. An interesting read I enjoyed it


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