Thursday, November 07, 2019

Ol' rainy day

Today has been dreary. Even before rain moved in the sky looked forlorn. The radar showed rain to the south so we swilled the coffee and shoe'd up for our daily walk.

The terrain looked uninteresting so I left the phone in my pocket.

Once through, I fed the chickens and we headed to the store to pick up necessities.

While Jilda put up groceries, I took my laptop to the side porch. It's enclosed now and with the small heater we have there to keep the plants healthy, it's toasty.

I turned on the ceiling fan and opened the screen door. Soon, it was perfect writing weather.  I knocked out a story and my Sunday column before lunch.

The rain moved in while we napped.

This evening, we practiced for two hours. We have a gig tomorrow night at Twisted Barley microbrewery. It's the first time we've played there and we're excited.

Tonight, as I type this the tips of the fingers on my left hand are tender. The left hand is the one that presses the strings on the fretboard to make chords...but my blog buddy Joe already knew this because he's a picker too.

It's been a good ol' rainy day.

Since I didn't have a pic today, I pulled one that I took the last day of September.


  1. After an especially long practice, I soak mine in a slurry salty slush to toughen them up.

    Playing a gig must be fun, maybe a few more years practice for me.

  2. God luck with your gig. I remember when all the pubs were filled with smoke, now they are all smoke free. I haven't been to a pub in years. I hope Jilda's lungs will feel better.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Hope you have fun and enjoy your music! Even though it leaves you with some sore fingers. It is worth it all. Another beautiful sight you captured. Look at all that gold!

  4. I know you guys enjoy the gigs. Also bet the listeners do too. I don't envy much, but I do wish I could pick a little.
    The shot looks like fall....
    Sherry & jack

  5. A bit of rain is always nice


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