Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The beauty of that sky

When I stopped to get fuel this evening, it was dark-thirty as my daddy used to say. 

But the sun was stubborn and would not go gentle into that good night – to steal a phrase from Dylan Thomas.

When the pump was running, I clicked the keeper walked a few steps away, to remove a light pole and other stuff from the frame. Another truck was about to pull up, but he saw I was trying to take a picture.  He switched off his lights and waited to let me get a better shot.

I snapped a few quick frames and raised my hand in thanks. He got it. It didn't take a weatherman to recognize the beauty of that sky.


  1. Wow. And that never lasts for very long.

  2. When I see sunsets that just make you in AWE of His handiwork, I think of Mallory Square in Key West. Every evening hundreds gather to watch the free show and clap once it dips below the horizon.
    This is a beautiful shot you have.
    Sherry & jack

  3. You caught it at just the right moment . How nice the other guy stopped to let you take the picture.

  4. That is an amazing shot...the vividness and dramatic clouds..wow!


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