Saturday, August 26, 2006


I'm scanning the Dora High School 1986 Annual. It's funny how you can tell the decade in which a picture was taken by looking at the clothes, side burns and hairdos. The 50's had flattops and some guys had ducktails. The jeans were tight with straight legs. The girls wore sweaters with big honkin' letters. The 60's were all over the board with clothes and hair. The 80's were no different....well, maybe a little different. Whoever thought up the mullet hair style for guys must have really had his wiring burned out badly in the 60's.
I actually saw a guy in the video store on Friday who had a mullet hair style. I'm just praying that he's a hold over from the 80's and that the mullet is not on its way back. I think I'd have to immigrate to some place where hats are required.

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