Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Good Guitar

When I first started playing guitar back in the 60's, my Mom and Dad bought me a Tesco DelRay from Sears. I think they paid $25. I was thrilled and I played it incessantly. Come to think of it, I still have it in my office closet. It needs a lot of work because the pickups stopped working long ago and the strings buzz like a fly in an empty "Pet Milk" can when you play up on the neck but I still look at it from time to time and reminisce about back in "the day".
When I got out on my own I bought my first good guitar. It was a Gibson Dove purchased at Stewart Music in Jasper on the installment plan. It cost more than my car I drove. It was the most beautiful guitar I had ever seen and it sounded like Heaven with strings. I played it incessantly.
Jilda and I got hard up for money when I got fired from The Community News on my birthday in January of 76. I sold the guitar and was depressed for what seemed like months. But like all storms, our personal storm passed and we got back on our feet. I bought a guitar that was fairly nice, but it was not a good guitar.
Later I went to work for a good company and managed to save up and buy another good guitar. I know it must be psychological, but it seems like I play better when I held it in my arms.
Through the years, I've upgraded several times and I now have a great guitar that is a joy to play.
Some people find joy in owning houses, cars, computers, and stereos. No matter what you love, I encourage you invest in something fine...something that bring you joy. For me that joy comes from playing a good guitar.

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