Saturday, August 12, 2006

Describing the Moon

Jilda and I played a private party tonight and the folks there wanted the old songs. I know a ton of old songs, but I can play a bunch more that I don't know the words to. So when the folks there requested a song my instant reply was I can play it if you can sing it. Most folks are like me...they know the chorus and a few words to the verses but the rest of the song is a mystery. I love these parties. If there is one thing I've learned is that people love sing-a-longs. You play "Today I Started Lovin' You Again" and everybody sings along. "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain", "Whispering Pines", "Your Cheatin' Heart" are all favorites. We played three hours without a break.
The party was in Oakman and on the way home I saw a beautiful color filtering through the trees. I said I think I see the moon through the pines. Jilda thought it was the lights of a church. We did pass a church on the Cordova/Parrish road that had some strange steeple light action going.
When we got to the White Church just on the outskirts of Dora, the moon appeared like an apparition. I thought that looks like an incandescent peach hovering just above the horizon. "The color is closer to terracotta Jilda pointed out....or maybe apricot." I spent the rest of the journey home trying to put the description of the moon into words.
As I sat here writing I was struggling with the right words when Jilda stepped into my office with a toothbrush in her mouth....Dreamcicle. Bingo I thought. She nailed it. We both had the good fortune to see a dreamcicle moon tonight. What a gift. I love America.

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  1. Rick: "Dreamsicle moon." Wow!

    If that's not a great title for a song (or story, or novel, or movie) I've never heard one.

    You'd better use it quick, or I'll steal it. With attribution, of course. {G}



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