Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Head is Empty

Have you ever started to do something and realized your head is empty? Not sure what causes this condition but I'm suffering from it now. I don't think my mind works good in the heat. There are those who would argue that it doesn't work that good when it's cool either.
I did shoot a photo the other morning while on the way to work. He looked at me as if to say. "Hey man, you're stopping traffic. Is your head empty?"
I used to pass up photo opportunities the later I would kick myself saying "what's wrong with you?" It only takes a second.
There is a photo waiting to happen near my house. I've almost stopped a couple times. There is a lake with baby ducks that swim near the shore. I get to the lake just as the sun is rising and the mist from the lake is hovering just above the surface. I've stopped a few times, but the shot has not been right. The ducks are too far away or the mist is too heavy to get the shot. I have patience so I know it will happen....hopefully it will before the baby ducks have babies of their own.
Y'all stay cool.

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