Tuesday, August 29, 2006


What's the deal with all the cobwebs this year? Our front windows look like a fishing net. I know it took some poor spider a great deal of time to spin up that much silk but all my cobwebs look like the spiders got bored....or drunk or maybe munched on some kind of psychedelic drug that caused them to drift too far from the shore, as the old Gospel song goes.
I have seen some fascinating spider webs here on the farm. In fact I shot this picture a year or so ago down at my barn as I was walking early one morning. You can actually see the dew on the web. The summer had given away to cooler weather and Mr. Spider had started spinning his web so he could trap food for the winter. That's when one usually sees spider webs. In fact I often get a face full of spider web when I walk in autumn. Most of the time that's ok, but when you feel a big ol' spider about the size of a vampire bat on your head, you tend to do some interesting evasive maneuvering. When the spider gets on Jilda, the same moves are often accompanied by the shrill whowhowhowhowhowhowho and followed by get this @#$#$$%$%%^^%$##%^&& thing off of me!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I tell the women at work about this, they usually say well where are y'all gonna walk in the future...as if the walk to the barn was out of the question after the encounter with the spider. The thing is, after she stops swearing and her blood pressure falls below 380/245 she usually waxes philosophical. "You know, I know they have a right to be here, but I wish they were all on George's ranch in Crawford, Texas. I thought to myself, that would have a certain symmetry to it.
I'm sitting on the screened-in porch right now as I try to think of a clever way to end this entry. Off to the west, the sun is behind the clouds and the sky is the color of butterscotch. The cobwebs look like strands of cotton candy.....and sitting right here and now, I actually consider them a gift.

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  1. If the webs are uneven, they might be from black widow spiders.


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