Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fall Before We Know It

I stood on the deck this morning waiting for the coffee water to boil. The wind out of the south was warm even at 6:30 a.m. Going to be a hot one again today I thought.
I made the coffee and headed to the bottom of the hill to collect the Sunday newspapers. I noticed that some nice person had thrown out a fast food sack of trash and a couple Bud Lite empties. "How thoughtful," I mused. I picked it up and tossed it into the trash can and headed back to my coffee.
After breakfast we went down to Ruby's house to cut grass and finish up some painting. The sun was already hot and the air was heavy as an anvil at 10:30. Fortunately a bank of angry looking rain clouds came up and hid the sun while I mowed the yard. I still sweated buckets. When I finished, I laid in front of a box fan while Jilda finished up with the painting.
This evening we headed back out to go to the funeral home. One of our neighbors, Joe Hardin passed away on Friday so we went down to pay our respects. The rain clouds were still about. When we came up pump hill, the bottom fell out and you could see steam rising from the asphalt. Once we got to Sumiton, the sun broke out of the clouds to the west and threw a rainbow the size of an interstate highway off to the east. I reached toward the back seat for the camera but realized that I had forgotten to put it into the car. Dang it.
Football kicks off this week. Dora plays Thursday night and the Tide plays on Saturday. It'll be fall before we know it.

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