Friday, August 04, 2006


Greentop BBQ. If there's any better on the planet, I've never tasted it. Tonight we met our friends Tom and Judy along with Brenda and Danny. We always sit in the pit because it's rowdier down there and we tend to make a lot of noise laughing and telling stories. No trip to the Greentop is complete without Suzy coming around to the table and howdying up with everyone. In the old days, Leo (Suzy's husband who is now deceased) would come around to your table and on special nights, he would serenade you with Gospel songs or maybe the Chattanooga Choo Choo. He loved the old country ballads and I once heard him do a duet with Susy of a George Jones song "Golden Rings". It brought the house down.
All their kids (and their grand kids) worked at the Greentop at different times in their lives. You see all walks of life. People drive up in run down cars, pickups, Mercedes Benz', and motorcycles. Preachers, politicians, doctors, and pulpwood cutters all rub shoulders as they chow down on pork.
We wrote a song about BBQ with our friend Steve. They lyrics go like this:
I've got a cravin' for something fine
Don't want burgers and I don't want fries
Don't want chicken and I don't want fish
Nothin' fat free I want a real man's dish
Not just any ol' thang will do
Got to have me some BBQ

Slab of pork with lots of sauce
You can get it like that down at Archibalds (we interchange this for Greentop at times)
Half a pound of pig on wonder bread
I'm in heaven and I ain't dead
Nothing else in this world will do
Got to have me some BBQ

I feel sorry for them folks up north
They don't know much about cookin' pork
Now they can cook steaks and grill hot dogs
But when it comes to smokin' hogs
Them poor yankees ain't got a clue
About BBQ

I'm a lovin' that BBQ

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