Saturday, August 05, 2006

Night Riding

I stayed with my Mom tonight to let my sister get out of the house for a few hours. Mom and I watched the Braves. I like the Braves, but my Mom has loved them for as long as I remember. She takes it personally when they lose. It's been a long time since they've lost as much as they have this year. It's almost like the old days.
Driving home tonight I rolled the windows down in my truck and let the warm air blow through the cab of the truck. It felt good. Up in the sky the half moon looked like it was changing behind gauze curtains. A young rabbit darted at warp speed in front of me and I had not time to hit my breaks but the force was with him. Unlike squirrels and possums who are often undecided when headlights bare down on them, this little rabbit blew across the road like a shot.
A chorus of Cicadas in our yard hushed as I rolled into the yard but once the engine shut down and started to tink as it began its journey to coolness, they struck up again with purpose.
The things I remember about August, as a kid growing up in West Pratt, are the sounds made by the Cicadas and turtle doves. I always knew, no matter how hot, that school would be starting soon and autumn was just around the corner.
In a month, the nights will be cooling down considerable and I'll have to run the heater after dark when I do my night riding...but that's ok. After a long hot summer, the thought of cool nights is appealing to me.

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