Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Sunday Paper

We got out of the habit of reading the Sunday Paper back when Jilda was having to stay with her mom. Those last few years took away our Sunday mornings because that was Jilda's shift. She barely had time to drink a cup of coffee before going down to relieve her sister Pat.
We still got the paper but we read it in shifts and the pleasure was gone.
Today I got up and made fresh coffee in our press, fetched the paper and put on some music before waking her up.
We sipped coffee and divided up the paper. She goes straight for the lifestyle, the funnies and the travel section. I go for the headlines, sports and the money sections.
I like to read about the best selling books. I subscribe to Audible and I'm always on the lookout for good books. I also hit the classifieds to see if I can find another old Chevy to make sure I've got my car priced right. It still hasn't sold. I priced it at $5000 and it didn't sell so I decided to raise my price to see if that works. One of the car guys that come to see it last week told me he almost didn't come because he figured if it was only $5000 that it was junk. I wouldn't want anyone to think that, so I raised the price.
Today Jilda read out all the travel destinations that sounded interesting. We really haven't had a chance to travel much in the past few years, but that will change. Right now, Sunday morning research is a lot of fun.

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