Monday, August 14, 2006

Losing Trees

The heat is hard not only on humans, but also on animals, plant life and trees.  I've seen so many trees with leaves turning the color of coco.  You would expect to lose some pines, but I'm seeing trees with deep roots such as oak and hickory.   One of my neighbors has beautiful ironwood in his yard and most of them are dying from the heat or lack of water. 
It's been several years since I've seen this. I remember in 1980, Jilda and I lived in a small trailer in a trainer park in Sumiton.  We inherited bugs from the previous owners and we did everything short of setting off a contained thermo nuclear explosion in our kitchen.  They'd leave for a few days and then before you knew it, you'd turn on the lights at midnight and they would head for cover. I HATED those bugs.  When hurricane Fredrick hit Mobile in 1979, I went down to help put that city back together.  I was down there a few weeks in the Howard Johnson's hotel off Government Boulevard and Jilda got lonesome in Sumiton so she loaded up the dog and came down too.  That was in April.  We stayed into the fall. I stayed up a telephone pole for most of that year and it was one of the hottest summers I can ever remember.  Every day when the crew got off work, we'd spend the rest of the evening swimming in the HoJo pool and drinking cold beer.  I think that was the only time Jilda ever got a real tan….I mean one that came from the sun and not a bottle tanning toner.
We worked hard that summer but it was fun.  In the fall, we went home to the trailer which had been closed up to the summer heat and all our candles had melted into a puddle where they once stood.(image placeholder)  We had forgotten a few ferns in there and we could have rolled them up and smoked them had we been so inclined. But the great thing that happened was that all the bugs were gone.  We found dead carcass's until the day we moved out but all the critters were toast. 
It was hot again today but we have been blessed with some rain the last few weeks to I hope we don't lose any more trees. 
Stay cool. Autumn is just around the corner.

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