Thursday, August 17, 2006


I built a simple website for a friend of ours - Lamar Morris. Lamar is a remarkable person. Music is his life. He has played guitar for most of his life. He performed on stage Hank Williams when he was a young boy. Later he connected up with Hank Jr. and became his lead guitarist and band leader for over 20 years. He plays guitar as if he has an extra finger or two on his left hand which enables him to play combinations of notes that we mortals can only dream of playing.
He settled down several years ago in Opp, Alabama and teaches guitar and plays in the gospel group Raven Dove.
Lamar recorded a song that Jilda and I wrote with Marty Rainone call "The Night a Country Star Was Born." I've written in an earlier blog entry about the recording experience.
When I mentioned to Lamar a few weeks ago that I could build him a website, he was so excited. I guess he had never considered a website but when I mentioned it, he began thinking of all the things he could do with one. So I loaded the basic page and he is working on things for me to put on the site.
There's not much there now, but I have a feeling that in a few weeks, it will have some really neat things on there. You can visit it at

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