Monday, August 07, 2006

Yoga Tonight

I clenched my teeth for most of the day today. I'm not sure where the stress is coming from but my jaw was tighter than a snare drum. At lunch it seemed like all my coworkers could about was the impending force reductions between now and Christmas. There comes a time when you have to say...hey, if I'm going to lose my job, how about doing it before the holidays. The heat just cranked up the stress.
Jilda teaches a Yoga class on Monday nights and I always try to go. I enjoy the class but tonight it was exceptional. We worked hard stretching body parts that have not been stretched in a while....Ok, some of them have not been stretched since Nixon was in the White House. But I didn't think about how sore the muscles will be tomorrow. I didn't think about work...I just thought about "now". I was in a place where everyone does the work they love and pink slips are something that a new bride wears on the honeymoon.
When we got to relaxation, Jilda carried us through a guided meditation that involved cool crisp air blowing down from snow capped mountains. I almost feel asleep. When the class was over, there was no stress in my jaw and I felt taller.
If you've never allowed yourself to experience a Yoga class taught by a teacher that's teaching for the love of it...I highly recommend that you find a class and try it one time. I think you'll be hooked.

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