Monday, August 21, 2006

Hot Summer Color

They air was hot and thick as I headed out to work this morning. The view off the back deck looked a little like a photograph that was printed poorly by an inexperienced photographer. But as I rounded the corner I noticed that our Crape Mytrles were in full bloom. Ours are the Fuchsia/hot pink ones, but I've seen them in varying shades from light pink to lavender. Another great thing about Crape Myrtles is that they bloom longer than any other plant that grows around here.
This afternoon, the skies became dark and I could hear thunder before I headed out to the truck. I surveyed the sky and shards of lightening were brutalizing flag poles, satellite dishes and trees around Hoover. I started to use my umbrella but it occurred to me that I would be walking under a lightening rod so I tucked my bag and made a mad dash for the truck.
On the drive home the rain poured in buckets. The interstate near Alford Avenue is treacherous when it rains hard. I have seen so many wrecks there. Last year a young guy in a Mercedes blew by me in a thunderstorm. I was driving perhaps 35 miles per hour...he was doing 60. He barely got in front of me before his car started hydroplaning. He wrapped it around a light pole. He was unhurt and jumped out of the car as if to curse the light pole for causing the accident. I thought to myself...every day's a school day.
Today, on the other hand, everybody drove slowly and no one lost control.
The weather man says that the days will start cooling off soon. I will say right now, that I'm ready for cooler weather.

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