Friday, August 11, 2006

House of Tears

From the window of my home office there is a house that almost visible through the pine and sweet gum trees. It was built the same year as our house but there has been four families that have lived there. Three couples got divorces and the last ones ran into financial straights and lost the house. It sits vacant with litter in the yard and knee high grass. It looks sad. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.
As each new family moved in, there was a flurry of shrubs were planted, the driveway paved, decks built and walkways edged. The place looked almost cheery for a while, but when love left, the abandoned house fell back into disrepair and the sadness returned.
I like to think we have a happy home. People often tell us they feel comfortable here...that they can put their feet up and relax. I think it's the windows and the light.....or maybe it's the dogs. During daylight hours the humming birds come up to the windows to feed and you can see all kinds of critters out in the yard.
I know there must be birds in yard of the house across the street, but I've never seen one. Maybe they can sense that it's a sad house....a house of tears.

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  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    You provided the answer to the question about the “House of Tears” then wondered why yours is a happy home. No it is not the windows and light, the dogs, the hummingbirds, nor the other critters in the yard. These are only manifestations of the Love in your home. It is that Love that keeps away the tears; attracts all the critters; and yes even the light. “When love left” the home you speak of, it became as barren as a dry rock in need of tears.
    Whether it is a shack or the most extravagant of homes, without Love a home will become a “House of Tears”.
    Enjoying LIFE101 still. I hope you get some new neighbors soon.


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