Monday, October 30, 2006


I got up long before the rooster's crow this morning and packed up to head over to Atlanta. It was a coolish out and I threw a jacket over my shoulder just in case. I was on the other side of Birmingham before the grey dawn turned a rich butterscotch color off to the east as the sun made its way up toward the horizon.
I had a meeting this morning to do a presentation on the things we do to care for our customer's computers. The meeting wasn't until 10 a.m. so I figured four hours to get downtown should have been more than enough time to get there.....wrong. I had forgotten how slowly traffic moves downtown during rush hour. In Atlanta rush hour apparently is from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. I was not on time which is very uncharacteristic for me. I'm never late. The customer was gracious. Apparently they've all lived in Atlanta long enough to understand that schedules must be flexible. To have something set in stone is an invitation to be smited by the traffic be left stranded in the congestion behind a diesel truck in need of a tune-up.
Before the meeting, I stood in a conference area high above the streets of Atlanta and on this beautiful I could see activity in all directions. People hustling to and fro. The leaves in the distance a kaleidoscope of color.
I wouldn't want to live in a city the size of Atlanta, but I must say it is exciting to visit from time to time. There is so much to do, so much to see, and places to eat. I walked with my boss over to a sidewalk cafe off of Peachtree and had meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy. The deserts had women and men a like drooling....."I'll take one of each" and attractive blonde said jokingly.
On the way home the early morning wake up call and the drive caught up to me and I started to wilt so I whipped into a Starbucks in Douglasville and got an iced mocha coffee. It was scrumptious and it refreshed me enough to breeze on back home.
Once I got home I decided to take a walk to see how the foliage is doing down around the barn. I haven't been down there for a few days and the leaves seemed to get better each day.
Looking through the lens, these leaves and scrub grass looked like an impressionist painting.
The oak, hickory, and poplar trees around the barn are apparently taking their time to show off. I'll keep an eye on them and try to get a good photo of the barn in a few days.
If any of you would like to share some fall photos, please feel free to send me one at

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