Monday, October 23, 2006

Slow Motion

I felt like I was in slow motion today. The weekend of late nights and more than enough fruit of the vine took its toll on the old body. Jilda showed no mercy tonight in Yoga class "hold that downward dog for 5 breaths". My arms were shaking as if they were made from rubber. If you have never tried Yoga, I can tell you this: it's not as easy as it looks.
The days are getting shorter. Only a few days ago driving up York Mountain was brutal because the morning sun was at an angle that made driving into it difficult. This morning, the sun was still hiding behind the horizon as I made my way in.
I did get some sad news today. Bob Randolph, the husband of our good friend Asa Faith (Bobo) Randolph died this morning of a heart attack. I can't imagine what losing a spouse must feel like. I'm not sure if he had been ill or not and I have no details as to the arrangements.
Halloween is eight days from today. How could this year have silently slipped by? There should be a clock that ticks louder as the year wears on....have you done the outline for your book....have you taken the trip you promised yourself at the first of the year....tick tock.....have you lost that weight you promised yourself you'd lose....TICK TOCK....
At the first of the year you're all excited as you write down your goals and intentions for the year but as the excitement wears off and you're forced to take action, make plans, set checkpoints and measure progress, the routing of daily life starts its perpetual tug on your energy you gradually lose site of the things you should be doing and then you wake up and it's Halloween.
I started to get down on myself until I took stock on the many things I have accomplished this year. I've written every single day....granted, some days it's a stretch to call it writing, but so far I've kept that promise to myself. I also stopped putting sugar in my coffee. I've put sugar and cream in my coffee since I was a small boy but this year I stopped. I exercise five days a week and do Yoga at least three times. I've also made some progress financially towards my goal of retiring at 59 1/2. With a little luck and a great deal of work, it will become a reality in less than four years.
I can tell you this, I won't make much progress tonight towards my goals because I'm whupped. Maybe tomorrow I won't be in slow motion.

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