Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rough Week

It's been a rough week for Dora High School. Kristen Graham of the Class of 2005 was killed in a car accident on Friday. Kristen was a Cheerleader and a beloved member of that class. I did not know Kristen personally but I took pictures at most of the football games last year and I saw her every week. She was in nursing school at Bevill State in Jasper.
Then on Sunday night, Anthony Valdez who is a running back for the Bulldogs as well as the team's field goal and place kicker, had a really bad car wreck. He had been in Talladega at the race working in a concession stand raising money for the Dora Athletic department. No one knows exactly what happened but he lost control and his vehicle flipped. He is alive but he was broken up badly. I got word this afternoon that doctors had to remove one of his legs. Someone told me this evening that at one time there were over 70 people in the waiting room.
Accidents and death are a part of life. It happens way too often. You can look back through the yearbooks and almost every year there is some kind of tragedy and some kid gets badly hurt or gets taken away from us and we're left asking why.
I know I don't say as many prayers as I should. I don't pray for raises, or things that make my life easier. I know this sounds odd, but I save mine for special things. By being mindful about the things I ask for, I believe that the Good Lord will be more inclined to hear my prayer.
Anthony is a friend of my niece Samantha and has been to our house many times. He is a great kid and I pray that he will overcome the hardships that he faces in his path to recovery.

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